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Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Brave - online games for boys and girls The main heroine of the film - Princess Merida , the daughter of King Fergus and Queen of Scotland Eleanor. Merida is a real princess , must submit all around the sample . Her life is planned by the minute : Eleanor watching her every move , and rarely comes a day when she is on her own and can do what she loves - riding , archery and climbing on the cliffs . Merida's father - a brave king who once fought the giant bear on behalf of the face and lost a leg , though, and did not see anything wrong with the enthusiasm of his daughter , but did not dare to contradict his wife. According to tradition , on the day of Princess sons age three main leaders of the clans to compete for the hand of the princess . None of them do not like the princess , besides she still does not want to marry. But Eleanor did not want to listen to her daughter , she is afraid that if she did not marry , could start a war. After breaking up with her mother , Merida fled into the woods , where he ran into dwelling witch hunted under cover rezchitsy the tree. In exchange for his medallion Merida demanded of it somehow conjure Eleanor to change their destiny . After returning home , Princess Eleanor regaled cake obtained from the witch , and the queen turned into a bear . Wanting to break the spell , Merida went with his mother back to the house of the witch , and learned that you can only remove witchcraft if subdue their pride and mend chipped sword during an argument with his mother tapestry until the second dawn. Merida and bear - Eleanor learned of the prince , who, because of his pride has turned into a bear (the one from whom Fergus lost his leg ) , and his kingdom fell because of wars broke out . Eleanor and her daughter returned to the castle for a tapestry , but the father of Merida , Fergus , locks daughter in the room , and he and his men chasing -bear - Eleanor in the woods. With the help of fellow cubs Merida is selected from the castle, and on the way to the forest sews canvas. Eleanor kills muzzle , protecting Merida. The last time to cover the tapestry bear and removes the spell with my mother and brothers . Eleanor cancels the wedding, and between the queen and princess of peace and harmony reigns .

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