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Jigsaw online games 'Disney fairies'


Online games for kids - Disney Fairies mosaic Fairy Tinker Bell is born from the first laugh baby with dandelion fuzz brought from London to the Valley of the Fairies (born Pixie Hollow) on the island Netlandiya . After a ceremony Tinker Bell discovers her talent - be skilled worker . Young fairy quickly makes friends , among them - the passerines men master Bobble and Clancy , Iridessa fairy lights , garden fairy Rosetta fairy animals fauna and water fairy Serebryanka . Tinker Bell discovers that the fairies have to go to the Continent (in the original - Mainland) and bring people into the world of spring. She tries unsuccessfully to demonstrate the queen of fairies and the Minister of Spring Klerion their ideas and learns that fairy - masters did not attend the Continent . Then Tinker Bell refuses to be a skilled worker and asked her friends to teach her natural magic, but her attempts to capture the talents of other fairies end in failure. But even that Tinker Bell was able to repair the complex mechanism of lost music box , does not help the heroine to accept the fate . Arrogant fairy rapid flight Vidya gives Tinker Bell last chance , offering a catch to corral Creeping Thistles - the dangerous weeds . But it turns out that Vidya deceived young fairy, and the idea with the thistle has led to the destruction of all that has been cooked to the onset of spring . Frustrated, Tinker Bell promises to rectify the situation. Using the lost human things that fairies had not paid much attention, Tinker creates a device with which it is possible to restore all that was destroyed. Queen Klerion thank the young fairy and allows Tinker Bell also went to the continent to bring back the music box girl who lost her .

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