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Jigsaw online games 'Gogoriki'

Smeshariks - online games . Smeshariks (short for Russian . Ridiculous balls ) - Russian animated series for the whole family , created as part of the educational project "World Without Violence" and producing , with the support of the Ministry of Culture . In September 2008, 104 cartoon series have been adapted for display on the American television channel The CW called " English. GoGoRiki »(gəu'gəu'riki '). Also cartoon published in Germany (German Kikoriki, channel KI.KA), the UK (English Kikoriki, Canal Pop), Italy (Italian Chicorichi), Kazakhstan (Kazakh Kөң³ld³ tompaқtar , Channel 31 ), Ukraine (Ukrainian Sm³shariki , Inter, Novy Kanal , TET ) and Belarus (channel ONT ) , in France ( France 1 , France 2 , France 3 , France 4 and France.

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