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Jigsaw online games 'Maya The Bee Movie'


Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Bee Maya The Adventures of Maya the bee (German: Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer) - Children's book by German writer Waldemar Bonzelsa , published in 1912, filmed in 1975 in the form of an animated TV series by Japanese company Nippon Animation ( Jap.みつばち マーヤ の 冒険, Mitsubati Ma: I but Boken ) . In 1982 came the second part of the series - " The New Adventures of Maya the bee ." In 2012 he published a 3D animated series of the same name . Bee Maya was born in the time of internal strife - a hive is divided into two new colonies . Maya brings her teacher , Mrs. Cassandra . Despite her warnings , Maya is filled with a desire to explore the vast world outside the hive, and commit the unforgivable crime - the escape . During his adventures, Maya , now in exile , befriends other insects and with them going through a variety of hazards . At the climax of the story Maya is captured by the hornets , especially the enemies of bees.

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