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Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Kumi- kumi legend The inverse images of Kumi- kumi were created in 2005 by Vladimir Ponomarev for the festival of comics. In 2007, the cartoon - comic song with dancing Kumi- Kumi gained high popularity in the network, which gathered more than 2 million views . The project was presented at the Festival in Suzdal in 2011. In the same year showed a teaser . March 30, 2011 on the Internet was officially presented the first series «The Game» ( at the moment of the episode is not included in the official list of episodes). Is preparing to release the first season of the animated television series , over which runs a creative team consisting of Russian , Hungarian and American professionals. In November 2012 started the series on TV and Multimania Carousel, went on sale DVD. Since June 2013 series comes out on the platform NARR8.

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