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Jigsaw online gsmes Le Maître chat ou le chat botté

Jigsaw online games 'Le Maître chat ou le chat botté'


Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Puss in Boots "Puss in Boots " (Fr. Le Maître chat ou le chat botté) - one of the most famous fairy tales by the French writer Charles Perrault. Fairy tale "Puss in Boots " was written in the XVII century , but a few centuries later, remains a favorite child . The youngest son of a miller inherited from his father just got a cat. Everything else went to the brothers . It was the youngest something to fall into despair , but only the cat was not easy, but a remarkably enterprising small. Thanks to the business acumen and cunning cat , his owner got everything I could dream of youth : the title, respect for the king , castle, wealth and love of a beautiful princess. Here you will find a mosaic with the characters from the animated film "Puss in Boots" .

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