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Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Volt "Bolt " (English Bolt, pronounced [bəʊlt]) - a full-length computer-animated film in 2008 produced by the American studio Walt Disney Animation Studios film directors Chris Williams (English) and Byron Howard (English) . Executive Producer - John Lasseter . The premiere took place in Los Angeles November 17, 2008 . Cartoon " Bolt" was involved in several prestigious awards nominations cinema , animation and music. Nominated for film award "Oscar" for best animated film of 2008. The basic concept of the film - the audience to convey a special relationship girl actress and her faithful dog on the background of two opposites: the fictional environment created by the film industry , and the harsh real world. The plot is based on the adventures of a white dog named V , who took part in the filming of the adventure television show with his mistress - a teenage girl Penny. In the story of the Volt possessed extraordinary abilities , who sincerely believed in , thinking that everything is really going on . But one day he happened to be in the real world - one in another city. Despite this , the Volt , with the help of new friends , got to my house and was able to save Penny, nearly killed in the accident in the shooting hall . In articulating attended John Travolta, Miley Cyrus , Susie Essman , Mark Walton , Malcolm McDowell . Cartoon removed from the possibility of viewing in stereoscopic 3D format under the brand name «Disney Digital 3D». When you create the most advanced technology of computer animation , special techniques are used when displaying the reality of the world. Cartoon ranks «PG» on the evaluation system because of the content of the American Motion Picture Association of scenes with car chases and explosions. In the U.S., the first weekend of the cartoon " Bolt" took third place at the box office , ahead of " Quantum of Solace " and " Twilight ," and thus earned more than $ 26 million . During the second weekend the film has moved to the second line box office , ahead of the film " Four Christmases ." In the Russian box office animated film " Bolt" in the first weekend totaled more than 120 million rubles, which allowed him to take second place at the box office during this period. The following weekend the film became box-office leader , ahead of the dues "Transporter 3 " and " Twilight ."

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