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Online Games for Kids - Mosaic Luntik (Luntik) Luntik - the character of the Russian cartoon "The Adventures Luntik and his friends, " and the eponymous brand Petersburg studio of "The Mill ", the eponymous hero of the television series is broadcast in 2011 on the Russian TV channel Russia -1 and Ukrainian television . According to the authors of the character was born on April 12, the unusual kid who got to the Moon to the Earth . Residents clearing decided that Luntik - Moon bee, which means a relative of conventional terrestrial bees . Residents clearing Luntik very fond of his good nature , compassion and desire to help someone who needs it. Luntik does not yet know many simple things and do not understand how the world around us, but he learns very quickly , he likes this world and he wants to make it even better and kinder. He settled in bees . He did not know how to cheat , show off , put on airs , greedy , naive , because of what sometimes gets in awkward situations , but , realizing with the help of friends , what awkwardness , be sure to try to make up for it in a good, not to offend anyone , and no one cause of evil. Luntik very polite, always listens to the opinions of others and not lazy to think about what we hear is not afraid to defend the weak and defend their views. All understood literally , at one point even the expression throw pancakes realized that you need to throw these pancakes.

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