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Music is fun. Try this free games and enjoy it.

Free music software, midi files, mp3s, online music lessons, sheet ...Free software for the professional musician, music amateur and music lover. Music composition software, download free Midi and MP3 files, etc. Music Instruction Software: ear-training and composition; Music Teacher's Secretary (a program to help music teachers run and organize their business). Flexi Music Music Software, Audio Editor, Composer and Generator Music Software is a audio and music creating software, titles such as Music Wave Editor for audio editing, Composer for music making, Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Music Software.

Sound cards; digital audio MIDI, sequencing, and editing software; educational multimedia CD-ROMs. Slow down and transcribe with Music software - slow down. The main products are the Musician's CD Player and Slow Speed CD Transcriber software. Both products are intended for musicians wanting to slow down music.

Musical Instrument Quiz. Four different families of musical instruments are present in a symphony orchestra. members of the families are 'related' by the similar ways in which they this game is a fun engaging site introducing kids aged 7-11 to the instruments of the orchestra using games, animations, audio and more. Provides information about musical instruments playing techniques. Created by American Symphony Orchestra League in partnership with Parsons School of Design. A brief overview of the origin of the symphony orchestra. Instruments. A brief history and description of the instruments found in a symphony orchestra.

A professional audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment for Linux. A collection of demo and shareware programs of interest to musicians.

Piano software for training your ear to pick up just about any melody, chord, harmony, progression, or key centre. All my children learned to play the piano using this software exclusively to learn piano. One ended up learning Moonlight Sonata well enough to wow the This software gives you: simple keyboard locking for kids, simple 21-instruments piano, absolutely calm about your opened documents. The Piano Education Page software review checklist that we give to all of our piano teacher reviewers as a guideline for their reviews. virtual piano software to learning piano, excellent sound and no latency on ANY soundcard.