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Just wanted to let you know that after a year of searching for music software I could use with my piano students, I have finally found software that is fun, challenging, and rewarding - YOURS! Thank you so much! We're all having a ball with your program. In one case, this young lady and I worked so hard in improving her Bass Clef reading, that now it's actually much better than the Treble Clef reading. Another decided to buy a computer just to have this program at home. We bought your Piano Is Fun software a few weeks ago. My daughter loves it and it really helps her. The smiley always makes her giggle. Thanks for making learning music fun. My daughter has been using the software this afternoon and loves it. I am going to tell her piano teacher about the software on Tuesday. Perhaps she can mention it to students of hers that are struggling with note recognition. Good luck and thanks again.

I have really enjoyed having this program to help me learn the notes. I'm not a gifted player & must work hard to retain what I learn . I'm 60 years old but have always loved piano & now that I am retired can "TRY" to learn. Piano is Fun has helped so much. It's a great program. I am significantly older than the average student at this stage (40+) and have struggled most with sight reading. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I travel quite a bit and it gives me the opportunity to practice while in an airport or on a plane.

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Good Ear training - Online Ear Training Site. This free ear training site helps you to develop good ears. Exercises: Intervals, Scales, Chords Music students should know how important ear training is for their development. Also experienced professionals still need to stay in shape, especially with this game. Ear training in Intervals, Chords, Scales, Rhythms and Melodies. New Jazz ear training lessons! Two new exercises! On-screen piano, guitar, bass, Ear training for scales, intervals, and chords including 7th and 9th chords. Freeware ear training program that makes you guess a note within a harmonic Singing plays an important part in ear training, since one must be able hear music in one's head and match pitch before it is possible to sing it reliably.