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 The worst thing about most tutorial programs is that they don't teach students anything! Instead, they just test what students already know using repetitive drills. Each lesson of Piano Is Fun includes a Practice Game which shows students the answers when the note reaches the halfway point. This allows students to learn the note names and keyboard positions from scratch - At their own pace. Without getting frustrated.

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Each time a student correctly identifies a note name or locates the correct key on the piano, they hear the actual sound of the note through the computer. This helps them to develop their sense of pitch. When they complete a lesson, students receive a special reward on their personal progress page. These rewards allow you to monitor their progress and also act as form of motivation. (It's incredible to see how motivated students become when it comes to collecting their rewards!).

Has a large collection of music and songs classified by type, language and region. All downloads are streamed through RealAudio. Your music software download and computer music resource site with a huge collection of well over 6000 music software programs listed. Cakewalk develops and markets the world's leading music and sound software for Windows. Over 1000000 people worldwide use Cakewalk products daily to produce.