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Music is fun. Try this free games and enjoy it.

Let you know that my children absolutely love fun music games. They started this morning and have been taking turns on it all day. They are so thrilled by the rewards that they don't even notice they are learning. Thanks for designing such great software, I wish I'd had it when I was learning piano."

Piano Is Fun makes learning to read music easy and enjoyable. The features of the software program include. Piano Is Fun "stars" a cast of eight friendly, positive characters. These characters take it in turns to present the lessons.

A magical doorway to a world of musical fun and learning. Music Sites: Lots of links to informational sites about music. Find out about almost any musical instrument ever made; listen to short song played by each instrument. A tour of the orchestra through games, animation, audio, and more; demonstrations of the various instruments; descriptions of individual instruments through animation; Ask a Mentor section; a musical greeting card section; From the Jukebox, users can go directly to sound clips for orchestral, percussion, woodwind, string, or brass music; Meet Composers and Meet Musicians; Links to other relevant music sites.

The 20 step-by-step lessons introduce students to the notes and keyboard positions of the piano gradually so that they never feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

Students discover the names of the notes through interactive exercises and games that ensure that they develop true note recognition skills instead of memorizing silly rhymes.

Provides almost everything you need concerning classical music- its history, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminologies. It is designed to be of use for everyone from "beginners" to the music professional. Make learning music fun whit online game for kids music games. Ear training online. The way to learn music. free lessons. Note teacher. Evolving environment for online music creation and exploration through interactive games.