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Fun for Kids! Online Music Games. Child Safe Site. they cost you points!) to guess the different woodwinds - sounds, fun facts, and more await you. Preserve and enjoy classical music games with your children! Learn To Read Piano Music With Fun Piano Software for Children. Learn to read musical notes and play the piano. Junior level. Includes introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, ear trainers, and books.

You've been searching the Internet looking for an easy and enjoyable way to learn to read music right? Or perhaps you're a parent or a music teacher who's looking for a fun way to help your children learn to read music? Well you'll be glad to know that you've come to the right place!

Provides a fun and comprehensive introduction to music fundamentals for The musical dinosaur uses an edutainment approach to teach music as fun through.

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After a lot of research, I realized that the software I was looking for just didn't exist, so I decided to create it myself. Five months later... Piano Is Fun was born!

I started out by searching for note learning software but the only programs I found were monotonous drills, You know the ones - where a note appears and you just click on its name. I knew my nephew would find these games dull and boring. What I was really wanted was a program that would:

Introduce the notes gradually
Teach both the note names and where to find the notes on the piano keyboard
Clearly explain the difference between the Treble and Bass clef notes
Allow me to select which notes to practice
Use bright and colorful animation
Be so much fun that my nephew would keep coming back for more